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IBC FlexiSun 1x6mm² red 500m

CO-Number: 58 / CO-Base: 150
Item No.
reel each meter
max. System Voltage [V]
nominal voltage [V]
min outer diameter [mm]
max outer diameter [mm]
max operation voltage DC [V]
conductor diameter [mm]
copper basis (€/100kg)
Cu-number [kg/1000m]
max operation voltage AC [V]
nominal cross section [mm²]

IBC FlexiSun 1x6mm2 ROT 500m

High quality, flexibility, and durability are the main features of our IBC FlexiSun PV cables. With providing cables from IBC Solar you offer your customer products in our usual top quality and a maximum of reliability. Tested for a minimum lifespan of over 30 years, the IBC FlexiSun cable meets the latest VDE and TÜV standards as well as the highest demands of your areas of application.

  • QualityQuality Proven construction criteria of the IBC FlexiSun cable such as the specially linked EVA rubber compound make our photovoltaic cable with the design abbreviation H1Z2Z2-K an installation-friendly and absolutely weather-resistant solution.
    • Composition of halogen-free materials
    • UV and ozone resistant
    • Water resistance AD8 according to DIN EN 50656-2
    • VDE and TÜV tested according to EN 50618:2014 and IEC62930
    Since the product introduction the IBC FlexiSun cable passed and still passes all necessary and known tests and meets all standards while all materials remained unchanged. Tested IBC quality standard!
  • ApplicationsApplications The world's only VDE-certified solar cable offers a solution for many areas of application after more than 15 years of experience in use, without any traceable material defects.
    • Indoor and outdoor application
    • Suitable for installations which require directly buried cables taking into account the applicable installation instructions (see downloads)
    • Suitable for installations on water e.g. floating PV systems
    In summary, the IBC FlexiSun photovoltaic cable is the ideal solution for all residential, commercial, and ground-mounted systems as well as for floating PV systems.
  • WarrantyWarranty With IBC SOLAR as a German warrantor you benefit from a 10-year product warranty provided that the warranty conditions are being complied. Last but not least, the 100% tested quality of the IBC FlexiSun cables confirms an application-oriented expected lifetime of at least 30 years. For more information regarding our warranty have a look at our downloads.