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Enphase HEMS IQ Energy Router (HEMS-GW-01)

For EV Charger
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The Enphase HEMS IQ Energy Router is the most important component of the Enphase Home energy Management Solution. The IQ Energy Router integrates Enphase PV and battery systems with EV Chargers in order to maximise self-consumption and minimize costs. Installers should use the Enphase installer toolkit app and the Enphase Installer portal for installation and maintenance of the system. Homeowners can use the Enphase App to control the energy flow and the system.

Suitable for indoor operation, the connection to the IQ gateway (Envoy) and the charger is done via RJ45 cable.

Currently, the system is compatible with the following EV chargers:

Vestel Home Smart (Series EVC04)
Wallbox Pulsar + (Model code PLP1)
ABL eMH2 (controllable chargers)

Up to two chargers can be controlled in one system.

Enphase is offering special support for the first installation. If you want to get this special support, please get in contact with
5 years warranty