At April 14th, 2016 the European Commission has released the EU-directive 2016/631 for specification of a grid codex including grid connection rules for electricity production units.
The technical requirements for electricity production units described in the new grid codex must be respected by all new production units starting April 27, 2019.
This regulation is valid Europe-wide and will be implemented in respective national norms and codes of practice.

In Germany it will be valid for all new installations connected to low-, medium-, high- and highest-voltage level from April 28th, 2019 the updated VDE code of practice „Erzeugungsanlagen am Niederspannungsnetz“ (VDE-AR-N 4105) as well as the „Technischen Anschlussregeln (TAR) Mittelspannung“ (VDE-AR-N 4110), „TAR Hochspannung“ (VDE-AR-N 4120) und „TAR Höchstspannung“ (VDE-AR-N 4130). For all other EU countries please check out the requirements and validation date of the respective implementation to the new national rules and regulations.

The devices listed below will not meet these specifications and can therefore only be used as replacement devices in existing systems as of this key date:

  • Sungrow SG36
  • Sungrow SG50
For this reason, orders of the mentioned equipment are excluded from a cancellation and a shift and there is a purchase obligation.
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