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Item No.: 8805000011

SMA Commercial Storage Solution 50 ESSX-50-20 V1

Basic package 50kW 56kWh with meter 600A
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SMA Commercial Storage Solution Commercial storage solution, consisting of:

 - 1x battery inverter SMA STPS50-20 (50kW)
- 1x high-voltage storage (56kWh) with BMS, expandable
- Complete cable set
- SMA Commercial Energy Meter with current transformer 600A
- Integrated EMS SMA System Manager
- SMA Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS

An SMA Commercial Storage Solution ESSX-30-20, ESSX-50-20 may only be commissioned
by a certified installer or with fee-based commissioning support from SMA Service be performed.
Please contact us via e-mail if you are interested in this product.