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Intilion Scalebloc energy (25 kVA)

Sistema de almacenamiento, 25 kVA / 65,6 kWh
Nro. de artículo
-Standardised and scalable battery storage system
-Plug & Play, All-in-One
-73 kWh nominal energy content, 65,6kWh usable
-One 25 kVA three-phase 4Q inverters of the latest generation
-Intelligent energy management system with cloud connection
-Air conditioned outdoor cabinet (IP55) for rough environment
-Air conditioning system can be ordered right side or left side
-Battery system installed in a fire protection housing according VDE-AR-E 2510-50
-Internal and external protection against surge or lightning
-for ongrid, backup and offgrid applications
-Extension of Power and Capacity by clustering
-optional individual foiling for your individual look
-Commissioning for certified installers only
5 years product warranty and 10 years performance warranty