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Kalkulator energii solarnej - Basic

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IBC Solar Power Calculator

Order your personalised electricity calculator to embed on your website.

The advantages for your business at a glance:
  • New customer enquiries directly to your own email address
  • Increased customer loyalty through the use of modern web content
  • Always the latest tariff rates thanks to automated programme updates

  • Use of the online software for 1 domain
  • Forwarding of generated end customer contacts directly to your desired e-mail address
  • Automatic programme updates (e.g. adjustment of remuneration rates)

How does the IBC Solar Power Calculator work?

Interested customers can directly assign modules to their own house roof via satellite images from Google Earth. Alternatively, the dimensions of the roof can be entered. This way, the customer gets a first impression of their future PV system in a flash. The IBC Solar Power Calculator creates a small profitability forecast and shows the savings potential with or without storage.

How do I get customer enquiries?

At the end of the roof allocation and the output of the savings potential, a contact form appears. If the customer enters his data here, the enquiry lands directly in your mailbox. You will not only receive the contact data of the interested party, but also the concrete data of his demand. This way, you can already calculate a first offer without having been directly on site.