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Enphase trójfazowy przekaźnik Q

Sterownik przekaźnika
Przedmiot nr
Głębokość [mm]
Szerokość [mm]
Wysokość [mm]
Masa [kg]
The Enphase system is new way of inverter system which allows building up systems in almost any size by using only few different basic components.

The Q-Relay is intended for plant and grid protection that is needed to be compliant to grid connection standard in many countries. The Q-relay is intended to be installed in the distribution box together with the Envoy in most cases.

Features of the three phase Q-relay:

- Max power of 6,0kVA per phase
- Status indication by LEDs
- Degree of protection IP20
- Top head rail mounting, 107mm width
- Phase coupling function for the powerline communication signal
- 5 years warranty
For bigger plants, several Q-Relay can be combined.

The Envoy only uses one phase for communication with the microinverters. In order to achieve a communication to all installed inverters in a three phase system, the phase coupling is mandatory, so the installation of the three phase Q-relay is required.

Please note the country specific regulations for warranty and service of the manufacturer.