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Enphase IQ-Cable 2,0m 3~ (Q-25-17-3P-160)

For 1,70m module pitch
Item No.
The Enphase system is new way of inverter system which allows building up systems in almost any size by using only few different basic components.

The Q-cable is the connection between the microinverters on AC side (230V line). The connectors are pre-configured, so that an easy plug and play installation can be realized. The ordered quantity equals the number of connectors.

The three phase cable variant distributes the inverters automatically on all three phases so that no asymmetrical load is generated.

Features of the Q-Cable 2,0m 3~:

- Connector clearance 2,0m (for portrait or landscape mount of the modules), recommended inverter clearance approx. 1,70m (considering the recommended bending radius)
- Three phase version (every third connector is linked to the same phase)
- Connectors per box (if a complete box shall be stored): 160pcs
- Conductor cross section: 2,5mm2
For release of the connector, a special Enphase disconnection tool is available (see accessories).

Please note: If the system is intended to be used with Encharge/Enpower and backup functionality, a higher power in backup mode can be achieved if instead of one three phase q-cable several single phase Q-cables are used.

For cable extension a distribution box and clamps can be used.