Van der Valk

Van der Valk Solar Systems focuses entirely on the development and production of solar mounting systems for pitched roofs, flat roofs and open fields.
Their mounting systems are developed and produced in their own factory in the Netherlands and stand out thanks to their broad area of application, the very short time in which they can be installed, and the high quality.
They are developed according to the latest Eurocodes and therefore comply with the requirements defined for solar systems by banks and insurance companies. (Youtube Link)
Please use the Van der Valk Planning software to design your system. (Link).

To add the articles to the shopping cart, please filter the relevant system, select the appropriate number of articles shown in the Bill of Material of the ValkPVplanner, and add them to the shopping cart.

For more interesting information about Van der Valk like datasheets and brochures please visit their download area. (Link)