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Enphase IQ Gateway Standard (ENV-S-WB-230)

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The Enphase system is new way of inverter system which allows building up systems in almost any size by using only few different basic components.

The Envoy standard is the core of an Enphase pant. It has got the following functionalities:

- Interface between the IQ inverters and the Enlighten Cloud
- Distribution of the grid profiles to the inverters
- Transfer of the measurement data to the Enlighten cloud
- Communication with the inverters via powerline
- Communication with Enlighten via WLAN, ethernet or optional cellmodem (see accessories)
- Max. 600 microinverters per Envoy
- Degree of protection IP20
For countries where a mechanical grid and plant protection is needed (currently most countries in the EU), an additional Q-Relay is also necessary.

The Envoy S standard is especially intended for markets where no power metering and/or no feed-in limitation is needed. For countries with feed-in limitation and the need of exacter measurements, the Envoy S metered has to be used.
The Envoy Standard is not released for Poland.

Please note the country specific regulations for warranty and service of the manufacturer.