SMA WE +5 years Active

for inverters up to < 6kVA
Item No.
Period (years)
Activation code for registration at:

5 additional years warranty ACTIVE for:
SB 1.5-1VL-40, SB 2.0-1VL-40, SB 2.5-1VL-40, SB 3.0-1AV-40, SB 3.0-1AV-41,
STP 3.0-3AV-40, SB 3.6-1AV-40, SB 3.6-1AV-41, SB 4.0-1AV-40,
SB 4.0-1AV-41, STP 4.0-3AV-40, SB 5.0-1AV-40, SB 5.0-1AV-41, SB 5.5-LV-JP-41,
STP 5.0-3AV-40  

SB 2000HF-30, SB 2200TL, SB 2500, SB 2500HF-30, SB 2500TLST-21, SB
3000, SB 3000HF-30, SB 3000TL-20, SB 3000TL-21, SB 3300, SB 3300-11,
SB 3500TL-JP-22-MP, SB 3500TL-JP-22, SB 3600TL-20, SB 3600TL-21, SB 3800,
SB 3800-11, SB 4000TL-20, SB 4000TL-21, SB 4500TL-JP-22, SB 4500TL-JP-22-MP,
SB 5000TL-20, SB 5000TL-21, SB 5400TL-JP-22-MP, SB 5.5-LV-JP-41, STP
5000TL-20, STP 5.0-3AV-40

- including shipping processing (see region),
- Service Line
- Delivery of replacement device (see region
   according to guarantee conditions)