BMZ ESS 21.0 Li Storage Package

BMZ ESS 21.0 Bundle M1

incl.1 SMA Sunny Island 4.4M-13
Item No.
Kit consisting of
3 x BMZ ESS 7.0 Li
1 x SMA Sunny Island 4.4M-13
1 x Sunny Home Manager 2.0
1 x paralell switch box 1x3
6 x Fuse insert NH1, 100A
1 x Patch cable 5m (CAT5; SFTP)
2 x Patch cable 2m (CAT5; SFTP)
1 x cable SI6.0H<->P-Box
3 x BMZ ESS Y-connector
2 x BMZ ESS Termination Resistance
1 x 1 GB Micro SDI SLC
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