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Item No.: 3004000013

Enphase IQ8HC (IQ8HC-72-M-INT)

Microinverter 1~/3~ 380VA MC4 integrated
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The new 8th inverter generation of Enphase Microinverters has a higher power range as is therefore now compatible to the latest module generations.

Please note: IQ7 and IQ8 inverters won't work together at one Envoy (Changed communication protocol)!
 Features of the IQ8HC:

- Suitable for modules with cells/half-cells: 54/108, 60/120, 66/132, 72/144
- Easy Plug & Play connection
- Recommended maximum module power: 560W
- MC4 module connectors
- Max output power 384VA
- 25 years warranty, ensured by more than 1 million hours of testing at Enphase
- Powerline-communication
- Euro-efficiency 96,7%
- Degree of protection IP67
- H x W x D 212/175/30,2 mm (without bracket)
- EN50549-1
No enforced DC/AC ratio and maximum input power. Modules can be paired as long as the maximum input voltage is not exceeded and maximum input current of the inverter at the lowest and highest temperatures are respected.  
Please also refer to the Module compatibility calculator from Enphase (for selecting the right inverter module, please also refer to the direct link in the header)

The fixation on the mounting system is done by a screw fitting (IBC Topfix and Aerofix, please have a look on the accessories section) or with a module frame clamp.
This inverter is also available with the innovative IBC Solar FastClick system for the Topfix200 mounting structure.
The AC connection between the inverters is done via the Q-cable.

For operation of the system, an Envoy-Gateway is needed. For countries where a mechanical grid and plant protection is needed (currently most countries in the EU), an additional Q-Relay is also necessary.

Please note the country specific regulations for warranty and service of the manufacturer.



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